So whatcha reckon?

Yep, you’ve probably spotted it already but I’ve only gone and got a new website. It’s quite a bit different from the last one, and I’m chuffed with how its looking. I wana be able to post new bits and bobs for you when I get the chance and the new site will let me do that, so keep checking back to find out what’s going on in my world.

You can connect quickly and easily to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at the bottom of the page, but the website is a bit different from all of those things. On the website there will be content that you can’t find anywhere else, so it is definitely worth your while popping back in the very near future!

Norman is still the webmaster, ruling his kingdom with a new found swagger. Gramadog is still by his side, patrolling for gremlins and nasties that try and spoil their lovely new home. So have a click around and see what you think.


Mr Winklepicker

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