Tour Diary

#31 Krakow, Poland

I didn’t get much time to write a blog today but I really wanted to because last night in Krakow it was an amazing show with an amazing audience. I don’t often say this but it was something that I have not experienced for a long time. The energy in the room was incredible. The [...]

Show #30 Dornbirn, Austria

Man, I love playing small gigs again!   It’s like a return to my early days. Last night we had a real club spirit, on and off stage. People were noisy and we had to work to get them with us. Half way through the set I asked (something I never usually ask) who in [...]

Show #29 Jenbach, Austria.

Last night in Jenbach was great. It was a full moon last night. Apparently, the largest full moon of the year, according to Ben. He knows about these things. To be honest, I forget what that means and if I was meant to feel better or worse. I know it can explain certain strange, (or [...]

Shows #27 Linz & #28 Vienna, Austria

I’m in Austria. We’re in Austria. Less of us now than we were, but we’re here.   Last time I wrote a tour diary I think I was in Germany. I don’t remember exactly and I am not on line to check. It’s been to long to back track and give a review of every [...]

Shows #21 Munchen, #22 Strasbourg

I started this blog yesterday I don’t know what happened. Didn’t get very far and lost it. Our last German show in Munich (Munchen) was cool. A great end to the tour. Afterwards I went out to meet the people. Everyone was very nice and polite. In fact, I’ve been very surprised by actually how [...]

Show #20 Berlin

Tonight we played Berlin. What a great show!! I already love this city. There’s a vibe which has the mixture of being creative, friendly and relaxed and it all showed tonight. When Jay, my lights man came backstage after the he said to me “there was such a cool energy tonight in the room – [...]

Show #19 Hamburg

I am in Berlin now. Two nights ago we played Hamburg. What a hot n’ crazy gig that was. The room went a long way back from the stage, with a low ceiling of industrial pipes and the floor packed with people all crammed together like tinned sardines. Looking at everyone from the stage, it [...]

Show #14 Ancienne Belgique, Bruxelles

Last night – Bruxelles, rescheduled.   What a great way return to stage that was. The audience were just fantastic! I don’t know if it’s because I cancelled the previous show two weeks ago but the fact is that they were very excited and present last night. Much more than any of us were expecting. [...]