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Show #10 l’Aéronef, Lille + Shows #11 & #12 La Cigale, Paris, France

‘The Dharma At Big Sur’ by John Adams sounds good right now in this little hotel room after two nights of pretty intense shows. In fact, it’s not just shows are intense but what goes on afterwards. So many people to greet and make a quick catch up with. It’s always like that when playing [...]

Show #9 Festival Chorus, La Défense

It’s 2am Saturday night and I just got on the bus from the gig in the Chorus festival. The name is longer than that but I’ve forgotten it. It’s at La Defense at the end of Line 1 on the metro, I think. The show was just splendid, to say the least. Before me, played [...]

Show #7 Le 106, Rouen / Show #8 Stéréolux, Nantes, France

Today is Friday. Day off. I’ve not been doing a great job of keeping up with my daily blogs. I’ll be honest. There’s been a lot of promotion in each city this week. It makes it very difficult to make the time to write this diary. As I have said in the past, I am [...]

Show #6 Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France

I don’t know what day it is. What I do know that I’ve just played a show in Bordeaux. We arrived here this morning from our night trip from Toulouse. I didn’t blog after last night concert because the hosts of Le Bikini were exceptionally generous (as every time) with the champagne and beer and [...]

Show #3, March 10th, Clermont-Ferrand, France

It’s 2.20am. We’re on the bus driving to Reims. There’s plenty of chatting going on between everyone. They’re all pretty happy with how the show went tonight. Me too. It’s the same venue that we rehearsed in earlier in the week, so we felt at home in a way. It’s a really great venue actually [...]

Show #2: March 8th, Annemasse, France

It’s 2am and we just left Annamasse. As usual I took forever to pack my bags while everyone else was busy chatting. (I need to get into the habit of packing my bags before the gigs, like I did in Lausanne – I couldn’t believe how organised I was). Anyway, tonight’s show was good. The [...]

Show #1: March 6th, Lausanne, Switzerland

After two days rehearsing for the lights and sound in Clermont-Ferrand we all left on the sleeper bus Monday night and made it to Lausanne, Switzerland, on Tuesday morning, still in one piece. Everyone was in good spirits and ready for the first gig of this tour. This gig was the only one that Medi’s [...]