Show #6 Krakatoa, Bordeaux, France

This is Julien, Medi's percussionist and brother. If you see this guy at the merch stand, kiss him on the head (preferably with red lipstick!)

I don’t know what day it is. What I do know that I’ve just played a show in Bordeaux.

We arrived here this morning from our night trip from Toulouse. I didn’t blog after last night concert because the hosts of Le Bikini were exceptionally generous (as every time) with the champagne and beer and wine and food. HervĂ© never lets us go on stage without being fed well. Yesterday, was ridiculous. I think I mentioned at the end of my last blog the size of the steak I was given. Then , later on, we were fed canard – typically of Toulouse. The gig last night was a great one. I didn’t jump in the swimming pool this time. In fact, I went in the morning. I must admit, I could only manage three laps – the temperature must have been around 8 degrees, but it made my skin become electric, I could feel the blood pumping through it at double the intensity; and it completely took away my breath.

Today, like yesterday, I did a long string of interviews. I confess, I felt a little tired today, but I did my best to keep up with the course of things. It was nothing that a little sleep didn’t cure before dinner. The venue tonight was great. They were quite excited and noisy, which is always fun to work with. They had a good mix of that and listening to, too. I felt the love. My manager had a rather unfortunate moment, however, on the fourth song: he was standing behind Nico (monitoring) on the stage and just behind them was the black curtain. My manager thought it was a wall and leaned against it, unaware of the 1.40 meter drop. I don’t know how it appeared to the audience but fortunately there was no one standing in that particular space. Nico was shocked and climbed down from the stage to ask him if he was ok. He was too embarrassed to take any sympathy and said ‘yes I’m fine, go back to do your work’. I think he’s gonna be hurting tomorrow though.

Gotta get on the bus now. Off to Rouen.

A bientot!

Technically, this picture was taken in Toulouse, just before going on stage!

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