Show #20 Berlin

Tonight we played Berlin.

What a great show!! I already love this city. There’s a vibe which has the mixture of being creative, friendly and relaxed and it all showed tonight. When Jay, my lights man came backstage after the he said to me “there was such a cool energy tonight in the room – people really listening and  letting you come to them”. It might sound strange, but the differences between audiences are so subtle it’s hard to always accurately explain in a concise way what they actually are. People ask where has the best audiences, in which country? But for me it’s nearly impossible to answer that because it changes, not just from country to country, but city to city, and even in each city I might have a totally different public from playing there once to the next. There are so many factors.

Anyway, this night was a beautiful one. I came off stage relaxed and like we had really pulled something off. In fact, I had: my shoes. During I don’t know which song, I felt the need to free myself and let my pink socks be exposed to the naked elements of rock n’ roll. They even found themselves moving through the crowd until I climbed onto the shoulders of an innocent, tall man, who bounced me around the room as I played master of ceremonies, conducting the sea of people chanting with voices of angels. When my carrier man had finally returned me to the stage Thomas (photographer) noticed him walking back to his friends and holding his back in concern. People always tell me how much taller I am than they expect, which means heavier too. At 79 kilos (12 stone) I hope I didn’t break that dude’s back. Still, I didn’t ask him to bounce up and down.


New day. We’ve arrived in Munich (Munchen).
The last night of the German tour tonight. It was a long drive last night from north to south. I awoke at 11.30 just as we pulled into the venue, called Backstage Werk. The food that was laid out for us all was just bloody fantastic! As we all got off he bus at the same time, the whole team ate together (except for Daniel who rarely wakes before 2pm) – it felt like eating at summer camp around the benches, all chatting and chuckling at each other’s stupid jokes, mixing up languages between French, English and German. The weather is good. Blue skies and a light warm sunshine. I might try to spend a few moments out in it today; see if I can finish writing those songs I started.

Written by Charlie W.

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