Show #10 l’Aéronef, Lille + Shows #11 & #12 La Cigale, Paris, France

In Your Hands / La Cigale, Paris

‘The Dharma At Big Sur’ by John Adams sounds good right now in this little hotel room after two nights of pretty intense shows. In fact, it’s not just shows are intense but what goes on afterwards. So many people to greet and make a quick catch up with. It’s always like that when playing in Paris or London where there are so many friends and acquaintances. Although I am always happy to see everybody, it’s frustrating, only being able to to give them a little bit of time before saying hello to someone else.
But I must go back before Paris because I didn’t write anything since playing in Lille on Sunday. That was a fantastic show and after I finished my set in the big room, my very good friend and fellow songwriter Sam Semple (who has co-written songs with my brother and Medi) was playing on a smaller stage in the room next door. My dad was there too so he got up to play some songs as well. I joined them both on stage for a couple of tunes. It was a great moment. There were about 40 people who stayed and watched, just after I had finished signing CDs, so it was a perfect way to end the night. My gig was another fun one, except I felt a little bad about a kid that I accidentally hit in the head with my microphone while climbing off the lighting desk. A mic is not soft and it looked very painful. When I was on stage I asked for his name (Jules), apologised and saw him after the show where we made a big photo with him and a bunch of other kids that seemed to appear out of nowhere. It seems that the young like my music too. I’m often approached by men and women around my age and older who say to me things like “my 7 year old son just loves your music – he can’t stop listening to it”, or “my mum loves you and what you do” and I always think to myself ‘great, what about you?’. But the fact is, I see all ages at my concerts. I like that a lot. I am glad that I can talk and appeal to people in different stages of their life.

This John Adams is such an amazing piece of music. I keep having to stop for a moment to just listen to what’s going on. I hope one day that I will be able to write some as splendid as this with an orchestra. Let me rephrase that: I really look forward to the day when I do write it. I know it’s in me but I might need a little more time before I set to work on it.

So, two nights in Paris. Wild. The people were wild. Particularly on the first night. From the very beginning they were totally pumped up and excited. In the pit, where the public stand, the floor is on springs. On a couple of songs I think the entire lot of them were jumping. It must have been like standing a trampoline.The second night I had to work the audience a little harder to really get them crazy but we made it eventually and all was groovy. They were great too. There’s a group of female fans who call themselves Charlie’s Angels that I have had since Hobo which appears to be growing in size – they all turned up last night and made a surprise for us on stage at the end of the show, by giving balloons to lots of the audience with instructions to release them into the air when we played Rockin In The Suburbs. The song before that one was In Your Hands and everyone got over excited and let them go then instead, (so I was told by the Angels afterwards). Then, when we played Like A Hobo everybody in the audience, upstairs and down, started waving illuminous sticks. It really did look amazing, with the balloons and the glow sticks. They did a great job on this gig, my angels did. We were all pretty damn impressed.

I enjoyed both nights a lot instead of preferring one or the other; just different. I love La Cigale. It’s such a superb venue. The sound is not always easy in that room, that’s for sure, but the feeling it has and the connection with the audience is great in there. It’s the perfect size and shape venue for me. I look forward to the next time.

In the meantime, I better get on the bus.

Caen, here we come.


With the crowd @ La Cigale !

Duet: Charlie & his sister Vashti at La Cigale

Glow sticks ! (La Cigale)

The most amazing table football set EVER! Players = artists

Shout-out to the "La Cuisine Mobile" team, at l'Aéronef (Lille). A great way to eat healthy and delicious food before the show!

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