Shooting the video

The two days of shooting in New York was a blast.

Long days, small crew, I saw more of the Big Apple than I think I had ever seen, including movies. People were what made the experience so memorable. That started with the crew of about 8. We all met on a windy street in the meat packing district at 8.00 on Monday morning, greeted by smiles, coffee and hot ham and cheese bagels wrapped in foil. Throughout the two days of shooting I got time to talk to all of them and it felt like a mini family by the end. But it wasn’t just the crew I spoke to and that was partly thanks to the role I played in the film, as a photographer.

The director gave me an analog reel Canon camera, like the one I took with me to India to make a photo story, and he gave me a bunch of camera rolls and said ‘take pics of what you see’. That gave me a good excuse to approach people in the street and ask for their portrait. I was amazed at how obliging everyone was, especially for New York.

It’s really city for sure. One of my favourites.


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