Christmas is not always easy

Here I am, yet again, on a train. This time on my way back to England to see my family for this end of year break. I feel like I have earned it. Last night, I played my last show this year with the band on Le Mouv radio. It was great but I think my mind and body was well aware of it being the last of the year, since I had no voice left this morning. So, it will be good to have this little break to prepare for the onslaught of what’s to come at the start of next year: touring in Canada, Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Switzerland, Belgium, UK & Ireland. That should take me up to May. I’m really looking forward to it.

Before I go on any further about my own thoughts and meanderings, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been here for my return, as well as any new people who have only just come to discover my music. Its been a great thing to be able make a new a record and have so many people receiving it with so much interest. I don’t take it for granted, and hope I never will, that you people are there to have this dialogue with me. I say dialogue because, although I write my music primarily for me, I consider that as long there is people listening, it is’nt just one way. That’s exactly what I am talking about in ‘The Great Conversation’; even though Beethoven no longer lives (and any great artist for that matter), when I play his music I feel as though he is talking to me and it stirs responses in me that make it feel I am in a conversation.

There is no book without the reader.

On another point…

Hello Alone seemed to be the most obvious and appropriate first single, but I was secretly hoping I could release ‘Where can I buy happiness’ around this time of year. It would have given me a good opportunity talk about my words in that song, which refer to the mad house, shopping rush of christmas.

So, seeing as I didn’t get that opportunity, I wanna talk about it now. You see, depending on what’s going on in someone’s  life around this time of year and who’s around, it can either be a fun celebration with the ones you love, or it can be the saddest and loneliest time of year. Unfortunately, I suspect the latter is in the majority. However, I think if there wasn’t such a big thing made about it everywhere we looked,  it might not be so sad and lonely for a lot of people. It seems that  Christmas has become such an enormous commercial venture that it is not possible to leave the house or turn on a TV without having the pressure of being a part of the circus parade. Don’t get me wrong – the circus is a beautiful spectacle… when you have a ticket and have been invited to the show.

My parents divorced when I was ten. Since then, Christmas has always been a bit tricky to organise. Some years have been easier, some harder. It really depends on what is happening in everyone’s lives at the time and who is present, depending on current girlfriends or boyfriends. And now, as we are getting older and starting to settle into our own lives each year, with new children being made, it’s changing the dynamic of the family. Especially because of the children. I think most people will agree that Christmas can be a lot of fun when there are kids around. It just puts that bit of magic into it that we all remember from our own childhood. And to see that wonder and excitement in their eyes. For me, it was really important to see kids this year. Not because I am feeling particularly broody, but more because children bring us out of the adult world, which I spend most my time in. And, more importantly, out of my own world of ambition and self importance. I mean, let’s face it, my nieces and god children couldn’t care less how many records I’ve sold, or if my album reviews are any good. They just care about having fun and if Santa will come.

Oh bugger!

I wanted to write more but my train is coming into London and I don’t know when I will have the chance to write again. So, I guess it’s time for me to wish you, whoever you are, a very merry christmas and happy new year, in all the true senses of the words. And if you know people who are alone this year and you have the space to let them into your world during Christmas or new year, let them in. What goes around comes around.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois,
Mister Winston

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