Every problem has an expiry date.

Three or four weeks ago, I felt the need to get away on my own to somewhere I’d never been before. I needed a little adventure, so I bought a ticket to Malawi.   Why Malawi? Well, nothing to do with Madonna – I had heard, sometime in the past, that she had adopted some [...]

That Sunday feeling

Today is Sunday.   I have that Sunday feeling.   It’s almost 4pm and I’m still wondering around my room with the bath robe provided by the hotel. I have been for the last three hours actually, just sitting in different spots in the room, thinking about whatever comes to me. The Canadian sun is [...]

Everything in moderation. Even moderation.

It’s nearing 10am and having had a night in the hotel in Chicoutimi, we’re back on the sleeper bus and heading to Quebec City. So far the tour is good. Great in fact! I’m so happy to back on the road with the band and working the music. It does feel like early days so far, in [...]

Christmas is not always easy

Here I am, yet again, on a train. This time on my way back to England to see my family for this end of year break. I feel like I have earned it. Last night, I played my last show this year with the band on Le Mouv radio. It was great but I think [...]

Ear worms

So I’m on the train to Strasbourg. Feeling pretty good. Had good fun last night playing on France Inter for the Ponts des Artiste. It’s an interesting programme which invites three different artists on the show to share playing with their groups to an audience of 150′ interspersed talking with talking around a table. The [...]

This one is alright. Next!

Hello and velcom!   Ah! Ah! Ah!   Well, I just finished answering what felt like a million questions on facebook and there was one question that led me to talk about the strange creature, that is success. At the time, I had all sorts to say about that but now the feeling’s gone a [...]

B sharp, or B flat? That is the question.

Ok. It’s starting to get late and I am pretty tired after quite an intense week of promoting my new record. But I feel great too.   So far the responses to my record have been as I had hoped and suspected. I think, for some, it might be hard to get into this record fast, and [...]

Its rehearsal time!

I’ve had such an intense but fantastic week of rehearsals for all the new material. It”s been quite a task to get through everything but now, as of yesterday, we have the entire set ready and it’s starting to sound like something really good. Having Danny Keane (an old friend of mine from London who [...]

So whatcha reckon?

Yep, you’ve probably spotted it already but I’ve only gone and got a new website. It’s quite a bit different from the last one, and I’m chuffed with how its looking. I wana be able to post new bits and bobs for you when I get the chance and the new site will let me [...]